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Post Bar

January 2019


Saara Vaniala (1987, Helsinki) is a local babe and self-taught visual artist, musician, writer and philosopher. Her curiosity towards mysticism translates into figurative, yet deeply symbolic artwork that often deals with transformation and evolution. Her mixed-media pieces and their colour palettes are well-thought-out – despite their kooky, pseudo-random look. Digital platforms inspire her (and you might want to follow Saara’s posts on Facebook).
Saara describes the work done for Post Bar: “I love clubbing. I need it like I need air. It heals me. Glorious dance music, the humble and celestial arte of DJing, and the beautiful, dancing people. All happening in this precariously permissive setting called ‘the club’. In my piece I wanted to show what goes on in Post Bar. To tell a story to those who’ve never been inside and wonder what it’s like, but also to give a cheeky wink to those who frequent the place and know what’s up. A map of Post Bar.”

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