Post Bar

November 2008

Landys Roimola, (born 1992, Bogota) is a sculptor, who is concerned about the growing problem with waste and recycling. Her sculptures are at the same time relatable, strange and beautiful – like misunderstood creatures that have been pulled from another universe. Dominated by the material, and with some unexpected results along the way, the waste gets a new life in Roimola’s hands. The way she used trash as a material grasps the ruthless reality of our time. Reusing and organizing of spurned materials brings out a possibility of hope.

Landys describes the work done for Post Bar: “Working with actual materials is very different from working with 2D surface but I wanted to reach the same feeling of uncomfortableness with this graphic as with my sculptures. The disturbing creature in the artwork got a human kind form and it is watching your back as well as its own.”

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