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With the lack of better explanation: variety of ethic stuff from all around the globe.

Orkesterin toinen kokopitkä.
“Two funky steppers from Niki Dave & Afro Kids! First ever reissue of rare seventies music from Burundi!”
Trippy trip trip
Township Disco business
Random lattari-vaikutteinen House lätty laatikon ulkopuolelta
"Debut album from this quartet of sorrow."
Kokeellista taide-folkkia jostain 90-luvun puolivälistä. Ensimmäistä kertaa vinyylinä. Stroom-laatua!
“A melting pot of psych, funk, rumba and folklore from Burundi! First ever reissue of album released in small numbers in Soviet union mid-80’s“
Hassua singer-songwriter henkistä räppiä Dean Blunt ja/tai Dudley Perkins ystäville
Again, this record was befitting of the period when this album came out -- 1970, where the aspirations of the hippie movement hit a dark corner. Many music stars were already dead from excess of the lifestyle, not to mention violence entering the scene and Nixon getting elected and peace protesters getting shot at. That year couldn't be any more grim.
Herkuleksen ullakolle jumiin jäänyt Flamonto 7" on viime vuosien parhaimpia stadilaisia julkaisuja. Nyt sitä saa.

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