West London

"Born in West London in the mid- to late ’90s, broken beat (aka bruk) was created by a community of producers with their roots in a variety of London’s club scenes. Taking influences from jazz-funk, fusion, boogie, spiritual jazz, Afrobeat, and Latin through to the instigators’ musical roots in jungle, techno, house, and hip-hop, these pioneers created a new sound defined by syncopated rhythms, heavy bass, and shifting time signatures."

Farkku-mainos musiikkia
West London Broken Beat meets Detroit Neo Soul
Iso, listoillakin käväissyt Broken Beat Länsi-Lontoon headseilta
Valkoisten brittien tekemää mustaa tanssimusaa ja varsin mukava annos psykedeliaa!
Wonky Neo Soul vybz Hollannin-Gerdin 4Lux lafkalla
Detroit-legendan Broken Beat vuodelta 2003, voksuissa Andreas Saag. Tsk "Candela"!

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